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Terms and Conditions

7.0 Conditions for return of goods
Returns must always be agreed with Instek AS before delivery and must always be marked with the order number the item was delivered on. Returns can either be handed in at Instek AS or sent by e.g. post. When sending by post or similar, the freight MUST be delivered to Instek AS. Whether the shipping service is "Norgespakke" or similar. A fee of NOK 250 is added for picking up the package at the post office.

7.1. Goods that are returned must be unused, complete and in the same condition as on delivery. The products must be in their original packaging where this is included. The invoice or order number must be provided when contacting Instek AS

7.2. Items within the categories listed below are not accepted for return:
• Goods marked with discontinued goods, acquired goods, order goods or the like.
• Return of goods with a net credit value of less than NOK 500 per forwarding.
• Tachographs that are programmed for a specific vehicle at the customer's request.
• Tachographs that are activated.

7.3. If the reason for the return is not due to an error on the part of the seller/Instek AS, and/or is reported after a deadline of 8 days, return costs will be deducted from the credit note at 15% of the item's invoice value.
Minimum sum including crediting of goods & fee is a minimum of NOK 500 per return.

7.4. Goods cannot be returned after 1.5 months from the date of purchase unless it is due to errors or defects.

7.5. Costs associated with transport to the seller's warehouse, as well as any damage to goods during return, are covered by the buyer.