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Instek AS carries out repairs of electronics in motorhomes and caravans. Most types of electric block such as: Schaudt, Dometic, CBE, Nordelletronica NE 237, Nordelletronica NE186 Nordelletronica NE185 etc... Schaudt EBL 99, SchaudtEBL 119 Schaudt EBL 100, Schaudt EBL101, Schaudt EBL105, Schaudt EBL208, Schaudt EBL220, Schaudt EBL225, Schaudt EBL27..
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Are you looking for a way to ensure compliance with EU regulations and improve the performance of your truck drivers? Our tachograph analysis services can help.Our services provide detailed analysis of your drivers' driving and resting patterns, identifying any areas where they may be non-compliant with EU regulations. This includes the two-minute ..
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The use of next-generation tachographs in Europe is crucial for compliance with EU regulations and for ensuring the safety of drivers on the road. These advanced tachographs not only accurately log a driver's driving time, but also provide valuable data for managing and optimizing fleet operations.One of the key benefits of using next-generation ta..
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