Instek AS carries out repairs of electronics in motorhomes and caravans. Most types of electric block such as: Schaudt, Dometic, CBE, Nordelletronica NE 237, Nordelletronica NE186 Nordelletronica NE185 etc... Schaudt EBL 99, SchaudtEBL 119 Schaudt EBL 100, Schaudt EBL101, Schaudt EBL105, Schaudt EBL208, Schaudt EBL220, Schaudt EBL225, Schaudt EBL271, Schaudt EBL281. Schaudt CSV 300, Schaudt CSV 400, Schaudt CSV 409, Schaudt CSV 410, Schaudt CSV 414 Dometic SMP 214, Dometic 190, Dometic 207 All prices are excluding VAT.